Stella Trudel 


Stella Trudel is a singer and songwriter who lives in the “Hill Country” of Canyon Lake, Texas. She has also been the lead singer of the band “Cocobolo”, a co-singer in “The Electric Water Band” and “The Cosmic Porch Pickers” all from Floyd Virginia.

Stella Trudel grew up in a musical family and tried many instruments on for size including ukulele, flute, recorder, harmonica, dulcimer, piano, sitar and Indian tabla’s until she finally received a hand me down guitar at age 15 and immediately began to study chord charts, finger style and started writing her own songs.

After moving to Austin at the age of 17, she was inspired by the area’s enthusiasm for songwriting, and actively listened to local talent, including Townes Van Zandt, Nanci Griffith, and Shake Russell. Becoming a full-fledged singer-songwriter was her new passion, and a taste of Texas flavors her music.

Stella also studied vocals and chorus in college and spent 15 years singing with college and community chorus which helped develop her vocal expression.

Today she entertains at local venues 3 days per week and continues to write songs, practice guitar and give songwriting, vocal and guitar lessons. She loves to sing from the heart and directs her attention to imagination and the mystical place where music and all life originates. Watching, as the title of her song suggests, “The Unfolding”.  



Stella Trudel


Singer/Songwriter, Stella Trudel a Greater Austin, Southwest Virginia based music artist writes all of her own memorable, original tunes and is sure to keep you entertained. This inspired musician brings to the stage an irresistible smorgasbord of acoustic creations. From the well known music hubs of Canyon Lake, Texas, and Floyd County, Virginia, comes an astonishing blend of imagination, years of late night writing, thousands of practice hours, and a love of sound that solidly adds up to creativity at it’s best. You’ll be glad you showed up to listen!     


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